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We work with you to understand your business and optimize your website to increase search engine traffic through our effective SEO services.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the basis for our marketing work. We take a holistic view of your website to bring together all of the elements of our online marketing strategies including keyword research, content, and link building.

Keyword Research and Analysis

The first step to increasing traffic from search engines is to identify the keywords in your niche market and create content for a landing page. In Search Engine Marketing (SEM), qualified traffic means a visitor that is searching for what you are offering.

Content Marketing

Content is a critical component of SEO. We develop a content strategy based off of our keyword research. So long as content is king, it is essential that website content is relevant, useful, and well constructed to attract the right type of visitor.

Link Building

Link building is an important step in increasing a sites rankings in Google search results. When website pages have links to other websites through certain keywords or text this makes your site more relevant to Google, and will rank higher.

How Can SEO Improve Your Business?

Consumers are turning to search engines at an all-time high today and your search results are often the very first introduction to your business for many of your potential customers. We provide the knowledge, experience, and expertise to improve your search engine results and drive customers to your website.


You know your business more than anyone else, but do you know your customers as well. We can help you reach your customers through identifying and implementing strategies to ensure that your clientele find exactly what they are looking for on your site when they’re looking for it.


Let us help you increase your visibility and your business by appealing to your customers through our SEO services, including keyword research, link building, and content marketing.

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Local Search Marketing

Winning in Google Local Search Results Starts With Attention To Detail


The first step is ensuring that your business information is accurate and consistent across the most critical and popular listing sources.

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Multiple locations? Changed addresses? Made mistakes with local SEO in the past?

3PRIME will get you setup right and provide with the advice, services and tools to get local search traffic and stay at the top.