Serving the local community has always been our passion. We strive to work with local businesses to achieve better SEO results and help small businesses grow.
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What We Do

SpiderGourmet examines your keywords, domain and website assets and compiles SEO plans and projects to improve your rankings and traffic. Establishing your local SEO plan is the first step towards improving your visibility in Google and local search listings.

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Who We Are

Based in Hamden, CT, Spider Gourmet has accomplished significant keyword placements over a decade in business. As the search engine marketing landscape has evolved over the years, we continue to track with what works and prepare for what we’ll need to do in the future.

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What We?Offer

In addition to technical keyword optimization, link building and content writing, our CT S.E.O. customers also benefit from our consistency, response rate and affordable pricing. Most campaigns get results in the first 4 weeks! Why wait months? Call today for a free consultation!


3PRIME and Spider Gourmet offer a full suite of digital marketing services; helping you to rank higher in your search engine optimization. Many companies are too busy trying to sell you a package, that they forget to actually listen to their clients. We believe in listening to our clients, and work together to implement a business strategy. We want to know our own goals so we can get there together.


Like many small businesses, SpiderGourmet began as an idea. With the lack of creativity in the industry, many SEO companies focus on selling services rather than?satisfying their clientele. We made it our priority to listen first to the customers, and put your ideas to work. Collaborating?is when we come up with the most intelligent and creative ideas. We can then produce the content you desire, which will in turn shine through your website presence.

CT SEO Services

Creative Process

Here are Spider Gourmet, we listen first, and tailor to your SEO needs. We provide creative and affordable SEO strategy for you business to excel in the global marketplace. We want to know your goals and aspirations for your business, and will spotlight your business’ talents to display for?a competitive edge in the E- business industry.

We focus much of our technical ability to feed your business the creative content it needs. We use simple keywords and organize content around your business niche to lead you ahead in your search engine optimization.