SEO Priorities for Mobile and Desktop Web Design

SEO Priorities for Mobile and Desktop Web Design

What extra steps should be kept in mind while designing the Desktop and Mobile SEO strategies?

When designing SEO-enhanced websites

Your priorities must account for Mobile and Desktop user experience. In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), we prioritize the following:

  1. Call-to-action must be clear and actionable
  2. Section headers should be setup to prioritize the target keywords to be used as H1, H2, etc
  3. Use your simplest, action-oriented design for mobile and expand for desktop
  4. Visual assets should be designed to be optimized for pagespeed, particularly for mobile
  5. Make sure to provide for text sections in your design that enable you to implement the copy you need for SEO while maintaining the target conversions modules, which may be forms, product links or phone numbers.
  6. Plan for which conversions you need to track and how you will track them.


We hope this quick checklist is valuable. If you’d like to discuss how we consult for website designers and companies in the process of designing their next website, contact us!

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