Our Team

Ryan Turner

Co-Owner/SEO Evangelist
When you speak openly and honestly, others truly listen to you.

Following Ryan Turner?s University of Connecticut education and a brief stint in sales, Ryan found his calling in business consulting and search engine marketing. No business ever started smaller than 3PRIME, but within 6 years 3PRIME grew from a small partnership to a 6 person company headed by the unflagging efforts and commitment of its staunch co-owners.

As Ryan looks ahead to the upcoming months and years, he draws his greatest strength from his closest associates, his family and 3PRIME?s business clients, knowing that his success is drawn up in theirs.

Cornel Boudria

Co-founder/Chief Engineer
Projects are not about the destination, they are about the journey. But definitely about the destination.

Cornel Boudria is the Chief Web Engineer, co-founder and co-partner of 3PRIME. He is pushing the better part of 15+ years of expert experience in the Web Development field. He graduated from the UCONN School of Business in 2002 with fellow 3PRIME co-founder and co-partner, Ryan Turner.

Chris DeRosa

Staff/Web Developer

Chris DeRosa joined 3PRIME in 2015 as a full-time staff web developer. Taking the lead on several projects, he has brought a fresh perspective and enthusiastic approach to existing clients and new projects.

Matt Gleeson

Marketing Analyst & Content Strategist

Matt joined the 3PRIME team at the end of 2015 as a full-time content strategist and marketing analyst. Matt comes from a background working with non-profit programs for eight years after graduating from the University of Connecticut with a degree in philosophy.

He is currently in the process of obtaining his MBA from Albertus Magnus College and brings an avid desire to learn from every project and partner with each client. Matt enjoys reading, sports, and traveling in his limited free time.

Christina Hoyt

Staff/Marketing Intern

Christina is our marketing intern, and she is getting her bachelors from Albertus Magnus College in Marketing. She likes drawing, French, taekwondo, traveling and dogs.

Paul Guarino

Social Media Liaison

Paul joined the 3PRIME team in the spring of 2016 as a Social Media Liaison. Paul graduated from Sacred Heart University with a bachelors degree in Sport Management & Marketing and a masters in Communication & Media. Paul enjoys reading and sports in his free time.


Staff/Graphic Design