SEO Audit for Siren Marine E-commerce Website

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About This Project

Siren Marine,??a Newport, RI-based marine technology company boasting innovative ?Connected Boat? technology (think Nest + OnStar for boats), was in need of a plan for improving their web presence and optimizing their?e-commerce store. Siren Marine?s state-of-the-art boat monitoring, tracking, controlling and security system provide boat owners with remote access to critical and timely information about their boats from anywhere and at any time.?All Siren Marine products provide knowledge and peace of mind to boat owners ?? wherever they are ? that their boats are safe, secure, and ready to enjoy.


An SEO audit was performed for Siren Marine that included keyword research and optimization, content?creation planning, and website optimization. We developed a targeted list of keywords to target in as a way?to attract and appeal to new consumers while increasing sales.


Additionally, we also created a new content plan?and website structure strategy for Siren Marine, based on keyword findings and customer insights and research. Based on data from Google Analytics, and in collaboration with Siren Marine, we optimized their homepage and production strategies for improved search engine results as a means to increase sales and customer engagement.