SEO Audit for Birdies – A Women’s Designer Slipper E-commerce Website

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About This Project

Birdies, a fashionable slipper designer for women, including creating a special wedding slipper for Meghan Markle, wanted to better understand their?web performance and how to improve their website before launching a brand new line of slippers.? With slippers that combine the support of a sneaker, the softness of a slipper, and the style of a designer flat, Birdies has created a new type of slipper that can be worn both in the home and around town. Before releasing their next line of slippers Birdies wanted to ensure that their website was performing at peak levels.


An SEO audit was performed for Birdies that included keyword research and optimization, content?creation planning, and website optimization. We developed a targeted list of keywords to target in as a way?to attract and appeal to new consumers while increasing sales. As not only a luxury brand but a brand that promotes a lifestyle, it was important for Birdies to identify the best ways to impart their brand message and lifestyle on new and returning customers.


Additionally, we also created a new content plan?and website structure strategy for Birdies, based on keyword findings and customer insights and research. Based on data from Google Analytics and Search Console, and with an understanding of Birdies, we developed product promotion and page optimization strategies for improved search engine results as a means to increase sales and customer engagement. We also delved into link building opportunities and special design promotional opportunities in order to leverage celebrity partnerships and brand ambassadors.